Friday, September 11, 2009

How I didn’t meet your mother and other things……

So I know it's been a while since I've posted. Partly because my eager readers in Kennett Square, PA, Bracknett and LA don't egg me on to keep posting (yes, I do check google analytics to see who's reading my blog!). And thanks for the readership and emails.

But that's besides the point! On a sunny Friday (for London) afternoon as I stand on my balcony and look at traffic whiz by, an existential question crosses my mind – Why are most London taxis black while the rest span the spectrum from white to crimson to blue to silver? And this existentialism is spurred by the two glasses of Cava that I've just quaffed. Funny how life becomes lucid after a few! The best advice I've given my clients during consulting days was at dinner after a couple bottles of Penfolds '06 Bin 389, including such truisms as "It's not how smart you are that matters, but what you can do!" and "Hope is a particularly bad strategy!"

Oh well, silent jubilation is in order today owing to an offer from Nomura to join them full-time next summer!

In the meanwhile, my second internship with UNITAID has left me a bit wanting – mostly because I wonder if I will walk away with the feeling that I could have made a difference, but I didn't – the one chance I had in my life! To put it in perspective – for the losses that one of the big banks suffered during the economic downturn, one could provide anti-retroviral treatments to anyone in the world who needs it! And this coming from a non-commie, non-tree hugger!

The focus of the work I am doing is (succinctly stated) "Incorporating an agency that would serve as a conduit to effect the price-reduction of HIV/AIDS drugs for use in low- and middle- income countries". SNAFU's abound thus far…..nuff said! Here is an interesting article in The Guardian regarding this -- GlaxoSmithKline urged to pool its patents on HIV drugs.

On other fronts, the bright eyed, bushy tailed MBA2011 class just joined London Business School and its members have been downing pints at The Windsor Castle like old pros in their efforts to fit in. Bravo and welcome!

As for the title of this blog post….I neglected this CBS show for a while, but finally got down to watching the pilot…..and I admit, after checking my brains at the door, the show was a laugh!

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