Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Juicy Case Studies.....

Last week was Orientation week at LBS - a meticulously planned affair, complete with ice sculptures that spelt 'MBA 2010' on the LBS front lawn. Rumor has it that since "The Crown" owns the building, said Crown has to be petitioned before conducting frivolity on the front lawn. Translation - "The Crown" approves out liquor license.

The first two days however, were hosted at Lord's Cricket Ground, "Home of the Cricket". The highlights were presentations showcasing the diversity of the LBS community. Students from each of the 60 odd countries put together 2-3 minute presentations that mocked stereotypical views regarding their countrymen/women. The best presentations in my opinion were by the French, Kiwi, Australian and South American contingents. Aside for the fun and games, Orientation was in a sense a sobering coda to the entire B-school quest, and a few of my friends claim to have wiped away a tear of joy during Gareth Howells' speech that inducted us into a somewhat elite caucus.

I also met my study group, which includes Canadian and Brazilian PE professionals, a Czech lawyer, a British/Indian I-banker and a Kiwi Brand Manager/Marketing whiz. Our first challenge as a team was conquering an outdoors course over an entire day, taking on both mental and physical challenges - running, jumping, climbing trees, walking tighropes - essentially a cross between Cirque du Soleil and Fear Factor.

However for some of us, the toughest part of Orientation was answering four simple questions as part of Career Orientation Day. These questions cut to the core of who we are as individuals. Trying to honestly answer what our goals were, why we wanted to achieve them, what achieving them would do for us and whether that was what we really wanted in life, was a bit nerve wracking and humbling.

Classes started on Monday, and I'm glad I moved nearer to school. Taking the Chyube in was definitely starting to try my patience. I'm moving into my flat at the end of next week and am temporarily subletting a room from a MBA 2009 in a penthouse near the school - with fantastic views of St. Johns Wood, Marylebone, Regents Park and the London Eye. Although, what I'm really excited about is being near the school community and having more time to explore the 'burbs. Club activities have started kicking off and I'm looking forward to the Responsible Business Club. I'll updated you on this front and will post a few more pics later. In the meanwhile enjoy these.

Now back to reading cases about Honda, Apple and low-cost airlines ......

The nerd factor of the helmets kept us from looking Mission Impossible cool

Offisite Day at the Outdoors Course

Scenes from Notting Hill Carnival

LBS front lawn

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kate said...

I would argue that it's much more the doing of the chastity harnesses that keep you from looking fear-factor-cool.