Friday, August 22, 2008

Notting Hill Carnival - LBS Outing

LBS'ers - I threw this together knowing that a few of us are interested in the Carnival. I suggest going on Monday, meeting at Plowden Reception at 11 AM and departing thence via Baker St. Tube/Chyube Stop. Later in the day gets very crowded. Of course, you could go any other time Sunday or Monday - just go as a large group - apparently petty crime is prevalent given the million-odd crowd.

And feel free to circulate this to other LBS'ers and invite them.


21 August - Calypso Monarch Finals
23 August - 30th Panorama – National Champions of Steel (Hyde Park)
24 August - On the Road Junior Costume (several categories including King, Queen and Best Band)
25 August - On the Road Senior Costume Competition (several categories including King, Queen and Best Band)

Mas (short for masquerade) stems from the ceremonial African masking traditions, as well as the pre-lent 'Carnivales' of European Catholisism

Soundsystems are an integral part of the Notting Hill carnival experience and traces back to 1950s Jamaica - it's dance hall and backyard party
scene with it's sound clashes and homemade PA equipment. This year's line up features 38 soundsystems spread throughout the carnival


Saturday 23rd August

12pm – 9pm 30th National Panorama Championship
Ten of the UK's top steelbands, each comprising of between 40 and 75 musicians, compete for the title 'National Champions of Steel'. Artists will perform on stage 12pm-4pm & the Championship takes place 4pm-9pm London Notting Hill Carnival Ltd will also host a variety of stage and family activities on the day.

Sunday 24th August

6am – 10am J'ouvert
Steelbands participate in a procession to mark the official opening of the 2008 Notting Hill Carnival. Revellers daub paint and mud on themselves and that tradition has now been taken up here.

10am – 7pm Notting Hill Carnival Children's day parade

Monday 25th August

10am – 7pm Notting Hill Carnival Adult’s day parade

Take the Hammersmith & City Line towards Baker Street. WESTBOURNE PARK STATION: On Sunday 24 and Bank Holiday Monday 25 August, between 1100 and 1800, the station is exit only.

Paddington (Hammersmith and City line) – on Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday it may be advisable to use this station instead of Notting Hill Gate or Royal Oak, as both stations will have diversions in place.. Most other stations in the Carnival area will be ‘exit only’ until 6-7 PM. Other stations near to the Carnival: High Street, Kensington (Circle and District lines), Kensal Green and Queen’s Park (Bakerloo line).

CABWISE is a text message-based service that helps you find a taxi or licensed minicab. Simply text HOME to 60835 to get one taxi and two
local, licensed minicab numbers sent straight to your mobile.

Is the Carnival safe to visit alone?

Carnival organizers and the police strongly advise people to NOT visit the carnival alone; arrange to meet friends and family before entering the Carnival area. They also advise bringing only a small amount of cash and leaving purses, backpacks and wallets home. Some people advise that groups wear similar coloured clothes so its easy to identify others from your group in the crush.

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