Friday, June 5, 2009

A general thank you to family and friends….

I know that many of you read this blog to keep tabs on whether I'm on the straight and narrow, and as the first year at Business School in London draws to a close, I wanted to thank you for your support over the past year. Its been a tough year on many fronts, the economy, moving to the UK, learning the language they speak here, and figuring out "what next" with life. In the plus column, I managed to get the internship that I really wanted (Nomura/Lehman Investment Banking). I will also being working with humanitarian organization for six weeks, at the end of the summer, likely in Africa. This year I can point to having done the following:

  • See my Boston friends several times
  • See my parents
  • Travel – Bombay, Agra, Delhi, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Milan, Siena, Bologna, Florence, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Scotland
  • Climb Ben Nevis – the tallest peak in the UK - next year, Kilimanjaro
  • Shake hands with Ian Davis (McKinsey Managing Director) – hopefully next year I can convince Bono to speak on campus about Social Justice
  • Was within one foot of Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Blackadder)
  • Make 600 new friends (no really!)
  • Renew old friendships
  • Be in one of my best buddies' Indian wedding
  • Learn a bit of French – next year, Japanese
  • Finally figure out how I think and how I should act to reach my fullest potential – its liberating
  • Help MyBnk, a non-profit that teaches personal finance to underprivileged school-kids to grow while maintaining their values and culture
  • Organize an Art Exhibition, an event that raised funds for an India educational non-profit (Pratham) and the LBS Healthcare Conference

All in all, life is good, but its' all thanks to most of you. You help make it better. More later!

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