Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back in the Saddle -- Part Deux

This is a do-over of sorts....phoenix rising from the ashes and other such metaphors....

I'm considering having a go at resurrecting my blog........I've cleaned out most of my previous posts.....they were shockingly mediocre......The most important update is that I (re)applied to B-schools this year and had admits from LBS and NYU Stern.... and as The Clash say, its London Calling....I'm leaving behind a great big contingent of friends and family Stateside in moving to London...although it'll be fun to hang out with my cousin and his wife who live there....

I'm superexcited about LBS and doubly so because of the 2008 FT rankings. Other things I am currently superexcited about include -

using this blog to communicate with family and friends
facebook (which is an evolutionary upgrade from myspace)
not waking up and then having to figure out which city I am in (consulting does that to you!)
Simian Mobile Disco
learning a new language (french or chinese?)
tennis weather
new friends
m&a/private equity
emerging markets
secular parties
youtube actually hitting its stride and being a useful app (leave britney alone! wtf was that?)
by the time I'm done with LBS the dollar may actually gain against the pound (faster b-school loan repayment)
europe (the continent, not the band)
the genre of books that includes midnight in the garden of good and evil, city of falling angels, the monster of florence, the mistress of the art of death

I will be experimenting a bit --- I think B-school blogs are old hat and I'm not much for sharing details about my excursions to the cornershop.....so most likely this blog will be about specific events and ideas and the meaning of 'is'.....and about the people I meet......and an opportunity for me to vacillate between being a wiseacre and a smartmouth....and a place to post pics that I don't post to Facebook......once in a while I plan on posting a scintillating story from my adventures......other times I'll try to coax my trenchant wit from under the dry humor that blankets it.....we'll see, shall we!


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