Friday, January 19, 2007

In the beginning.....

Its been a while since I’ve written anything other than powerpoint text and SUMIF statements in Excel - so bear with me while I get my groove back. This is the story of my quest for an MBA. Its been 3+ years since I decided I wanted to get an MBA. I wasn't procrastinating - just waiting for the right time . This is my year.

So, I’m starting this blog much later than most people do during the MBA process. I’m done with all the toil and trouble, boil and bubble - the apps are in. This is the part where I play the waiting game. Please feel free to come and go as your please, read on, chat with me and keep vigil.

Here are the vital stats that are customary for B-school blogs. Undergrad: NIT Surat, Grad School: Purdue/Audited classes at Johnson (Cornell), GMAT: 770/99th percentile, Work Ex: 2+ years at a biotech startup and 5 years in strat consulting, JN Tata Scholar, 1 Patent, conference publications, volunteer activities at several non-profits

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Welcome to the MBA Blogoshere :-)

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